There’s no doubt that tax reform is on the forefront of our minds. Proposals put forth by Congress leave so many questions for California families. Our congressman should be weighing in on the discussion. Yet, to date, Mr. Carbajal has offered ZERO solutions. He’s only stood by, putting party bosses and politics over meaningful reform.

In California, we are saddled with one of the most severe tax burdens in the country and on the Central Coast, it’s downright oppressive. Our families are getting left behind as income disparity grows. Our tax dollars seem to never go towards solving the problems they were drafted to address. Every year, we find ourselves navigating an impossible tax code with loopholes that seem to only serve and benefit those who know how to game the system. Politicians have failed us, and have left our children holding the bag. I will battle for a tax system that is fair, honest and simple – a tax code that works for families, and job creators.

We need a voice for California’s middle class families in Washington – someone who knows the struggles we face here at home through firsthand experience. In Washington, I will fight to lower taxes by increasing the standard deduction, putting money back in the pockets of all Americans. I will work with members of both parties to simplify your filing, while ensuring that the upper hand belongs to the people, not a bloated federal bureaucracy. In Congress, I will champion tax reform solutions that put our children in a better position tomorrow, because they are the beneficiaries or victims of the decisions that are made today.

We deserve solutions, not silent obstructionism. We should expect and demand more from our representation in Congress. Let’s come together and send a solutions oriented workhorse to Washington.