We Can Do Better

by Justin Fareed

January 14, 2016

On Tuesday evening, President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address before Members of Congress and other Washington dignitaries. Instead, I wish he could have stood in front of the people I speak with every day. As I travel the Central Coast, the number of people who feel our country is headed in the wrong direction is striking. 

I speak with ranchers and small business owners who are concerned about government overregulation, and a slow economic recovery. I meet college students who will graduate unsure of whether they will find a job. I hear from families concerned with the world they’re leaving to their children.

But I also speak with our proud military personnel who keep us safe and fight to protect the American dream. I meet entrepreneurs who get up every morning thinking of ways to make life better for those around them. And I hear from moms and dads who want to ensure their children and grandchildren grow up in a better America than the one they grew up in.

During these times of uncertainty, we are left without real leadership in Washington, DC. Even after the recent San Bernardino attack, our President refuses to address the growing threat of ISIS. If our leaders can’t provide the leadership to keep us safe, the most essential responsibility of the federal government, how can we expect them to tackle other serious issues?

Washington is a mess.  Congress has chosen an unsustainable path of overspending, overregulation and overreach.

They have doubled the national debt in the last seven years, a number that is rapidly approaching $19 trillion — more than $58,000 per person. Words like continuing resolution, debt ceiling and government shutdown have become a part of the Washington vocabulary.  There was once a time when Congress, the People’s House, was tasked with doing the people’s business and they did it. 

Unfortunately, those days are gone.  Today, our government is filled with partisan spats, personal attacks and a dysfunction unlike anything seen before.