Transportation & Water Infrastructure

Our roads are cracking, our bridges are crumbling, and Justin will deliver results,  not rhetoric, to get the Central Coast moving again. Politicians have repeatedly asked our families to pay higher taxes for critical infrastructure projects, only to turn around and spend the money elsewhereand they keep coming back to pick our pockets.


California is rapidly approaching nearly a decade of a historicbut not unpredictabledrought. Droughts are a natural occurrence in our state, yet our politicians have done nothing to reduce their effect. In fact, they’ve contributed to their severity by creating ineffective regulations, continuously driving up fees and costs to all of us.

Conservation is one of many efforts, but politicians continue to increase fees and rates on taxpayers to implement rationing schemes.

Justin’s solution is to create a uniform policy and a diverse portfolio of resources.  His plan includes increasing our water storage capacity, removing barriers to new technologies such as treatment facilities and desalination plants, and streamlining the regulatory process.


While politicians have been making empty promises, infrastructure repairs along the Central Coast have been stalled in a perpetual traffic jam. Our community passed an initiative to widen the 101 from the Ventura County Line to Santa Maria (and complete other critical infrastructure projects) ten years ago, but many projects remain on the shelf.

The California legislature has only made matters worse for our families by implementing a $52 billion gas tax and increased vehicle registration fees.

Justin will get the Central Coast moving again by ensuring taxpayer dollars are actually invested in maintaining and growing our infrastructure, by streamlining the bureaucratic process, and encouraging public/private partnerships.

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