June 27, 2018
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SANTA BARBARA, CA – After a verdict was returned Wednesday in the murder trial of Victor Martinez, Justin Fareed released the following statement:

“This afternoon, a Santa Barbara County jury found Victor Martinez guilty of first degree murder, including the special circumstances of robbery, sexual assault, and use of a hammer, in the death of Air Force veteran Marilyn Pharis.

“I’ve been following this tragic case. To say the least, it is devastating that one of our finest was the victim of such a brutal attack. It is necessary that our broken immigration system be addressed head-on by members from both parties, and specifically that local law enforcement agencies have the ability to work with federal law enforcement to ensure that illegal immigrants who have been convicted of aggravated criminal conduct are removed from our streets.

“We must make sure that this heinous injustice is corrected, and that Californians are protected.”