“‘I’m very optimistic that the electorate is looking for a new generation of leadership,’ Fareed tells National Review. ‘What we are seeing today is Congress circumventing the big issues we face.’”  

Can a 28-Year-Old Outsider Break Democrats’ Dominance of California’s Central Coast?

By Austin Yack / August 11, 2016  / National Review

“Justin Fareed is not your typical congressional candidate. But this year, that may be an advantage.

“In November, 28-year-old congressional candidate Justin Fareed will have the opportunity to end Democrats’ decades-long domination of the constantly changing districts across California’s central coast.“

’I’m very optimistic that the electorate is looking for a new generation of leadership,’ Fareed tells National Review. ‘What we are seeing today is Congress circumventing the big issues we face.’

“’This has been about politics for the Democrats,’ Fareed says, arguing that they want to retain the seat without articulating a ‘vision for the central coast.’

“Fareed played football at UCLA, worked as a legislative aide for Representative Ed Whitfield, and is now the vice president of his family’s business, Pro Band Sports Industries. While working alongside Whitfield, he focused on U.S.–Turkish relations, leading a congressional staff delegation to Turkey. He hopes to use that Middle East policy experience if elected in order to fix the mess created by the Obama administration, which he argues, ‘very well may be the worst administration as foreign policy goes in our nation’s history…”

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