Today, the House of Representatives took a very important vote on Tax Reform, but did our Congressman present anything to fix the system? No. The bill that passed out of the House has a major impact on Central Coast families, and although it needs work, our Congressman offered up nothing but talk of opposition to Tax Reform. He offered up ZERO solutions, siding with party bosses.

More than 51,000 parents in our congressional district claim the child tax credit. Instead of siding with families on the Central Coast, our Congressman opposed an increase to that tax credit giving back an additional $600 per year.

In an environment where small businesses are struggling to compete and create jobs because of onerous regulations, our Congressman sat on the sidelines. He told 57,384 taxpayers they didn’t deserve the opportunity to help grow our economy, even as income disparity in our district continues to rise and homelessness is rampant.

More than 111,000 taxpayers on the Central Coast navigate complex filings through itemization every year. Instead of working to make life simpler on us, Congressman Carbajal gave us nothing but lip service.

We deserve true representation in Washington. As your next congressman, I’ll fight to ensure you have a seat at the table. Issues such as Tax Reform are extremely important and impact us in a very personal way. We need a simpler and fairer tax code, and we need to work to return the opportunity of a better future to California families by expanding the child tax credit. We need to stop restricting the entrepreneurial spirit that has all but left the Central Coast for greener pastures as a result of a regulation and tax burdens propped up by Mr. Carbajal and his haphazard approach to governance. We need to make it easier on individuals to file taxes and allow them to keep more of their own money in the long run. As your next Congressman, I’m prepared to work for your interests. I’ll bring your interests to the table, because we need solutions, not misleading rhetoric and ineffective leadership.