For far too long politicians have used U.S. Highway 101 as a pawn in their bids for election and reelection. Year after year, we hear empty rhetoric and see a failure to compromise – while we sit, day after day, waiting in traffic, trying to get home to our families.

It’s time to put an end to the gamesmanship and get the Central Coast moving again.

In 2008, our community approved Measure A in an effort to widen the 101 and complete other badly needed infrastructure projects from the Ventura County line to Santa Maria. Political gamesmanship has cost us all time and money. My opponent has played both sides of the fence on this, yet he wants you to believe he’s fighting to deliver results – all the while, providing ZERO Solutions.

I will work to ensure your tax dollars are spent the way they were proposed. I will fight for transparency so that we can all follow the money, mile for mile. I will hold government accountable so that federal funding is not wasted on projects; leaving us with half-fulfilled highways.

Bottom line, you demanded leadership, and they’ve failed to deliver. It’s time we see concrete action, not political posturing. We need a fresh voice and long-term solutions for the Central Coast.

Send me to Washington and I’ll deliver on my promises.