Land Management and Disaster Relief

Our area was devastated by the Thomas Fire and the resulting mudslides in Montecito, which experts argue this devastation could have been prevented or mitigated by the use of proper land management techniques. No one will work harder than Justin to implement solutions that can protect the Central Coast from experiencing such heartbreaking losses in the future.

When our community was in the midst of the largest wildfire in California history, and federal funding for disaster relief was on the line, Salud Carbajal played politics and voted against bringing the funding to the floor of the House (See roll call vote 705 here).

Justin will never gamble with important issues to us, like disaster relief funding. Our families deserve a fighter in their time of need, not someone who puts politics over people.

In Congress Justin will advocate for and support proper range and land management. He will push for dedicated federal funding for our national forests in order to conduct controlled burns, vegetation thinning, the creation of fire lines in areas containing heavy fuel, and other proven common-sense preventative measures. These actions will protect against the loss of life and property.