WASHINGTON – Today, the National Republican Congressional Committee recognized the overwhelming momentum behind Justin Fareed’s campaign for California’s 24th Congressional District by elevating his candidacy to the “Contender” level.

“Contender” is the second level of the Young Guns program, which recognizes candidates who have demonstrated the necessary tools and grassroots support to run a successful campaign in the primary and win the general election. 

“Voters in California’s 24th Congressional District are ready for next generation leadership and 21st century policies to get Congress working again for the American people,” said Fareed. “Over the the course of this race, our campaign has met with voters across the Central Coast where we’ve garnered strong grassroots support that represents the diverse voices of this district. It is from the grassroots level that we have been able to secure our funding, get out our message and build the momentum necessary to win in June, and then in November.”

As the campaign moves towards a victory in the June 7th primary, Fareed looks forward to obtaining the final status of “Young Gun” in the near future.

Young Guns is a program that identifies candidates nationwide who show the promise of running a successful campaign. Founded in the 2007-2008 election cycle, the program supports challenger and open-seat candidates across the country. Young Guns is broken into three levels containing measurable goals that a candidate must achieve to reach the level of “Young Gun” and establish a path to victory on Election Day.