Justin Fareed for Congress released its third television ad entitled “Political Insiders” following the recent release of “Next Generation Conservative” and “Let’s Fix the Pipe.”

The third ad emphasizes Fareed’s energy and vision to get Congress working again for the people of the Central Coast, compared to tired and worn-out political insiders who spew empty rhetoric and outdated policies in order to get elected.

“I’m truly humbled by the amount of support our campaign has earned from individuals across the district,” said Fareed. “Voters want long-range solutions to the issues we face as a nation and a new generation of leadership in Congress, not another political insider who only cares about their next election. Unlike my opponents, I will fight to bring a voice for the Central Coast to Washington and ensure a better future for our country.”

“Political Insiders” will air on local and cable networks across the district to help drive Fareed’s massive grassroots campaign through the June 7th primary and onto a November victory.

Click here to watch the full ad.