Santa Barbara – Today, Justin Fareed for Congress released its third television ad of the general election entitled “21st Century Water Solutions” where Fareed lays out how he will address California’s water crisis in Congress.

“All of us have experienced first-hand the implications of the current drought. As your representative, I will prioritize investments in water infrastructure, including increasing capacity in reservoirs, water treatment facilities and desalination plants that my opponent ignores. We have conserved through these tough times, yet water rates and fees have increased. These are penalties, not long-range solutions. In Congress, I will fight for investments in infrastructure that will yield a return for taxpayers,” said Fareed.

21st Century Water Solutions” will play in households throughout the district to spread Fareed’s message and further amplify the contrast between his fresh ideas and the stale talking points of political insider Salud Carbajal.

Watch the full ad here.