Santa Barbara – Today, Justin Fareed for Congress announced the endorsements of two experienced and admirable football coaches who Fareed worked with extensively during his time as a UCLA football coach: Jim Mora, the Head Coach at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Noel Mazzone, the Offensive Coordinator at Texas A&M University.

As football rivals who just competed on opposite sides of the field during the first game of the season, the two coaches have come together in support of Fareed and his mission to bring true representation to Washington for the people of the Central Coast.

“As an athlete and coach, Justin proved himself to be determined and never ceases to push himself beyond what is expected, demonstrating the highest of morals and character,” said Jim Mora. “Regardless of the circumstance, Justin is a natural leader who confronts challenges head on and knows how to empower others in order to achieve the best outcome in every situation. I know that he will work day and night, in Congress, to ensure the voices of the people are heard and the future of our nation is strengthened.”

“In over 30 years of coaching major college and NFL football, I have found that work ethic, character, integrity and passion are the key qualities that define a true leader and champion. As a coach, Justin Fareed embodied all of these qualities,” said Noel Mazzone. “Whether he’s on the field or in the halls of Congress, Justin has the confidence to stand tall, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He’ll bring integrity to Washington and be a true public servant for the people of our nation.”

Fareed is proud to have the support of Mora and Mazzone, who he worked diligently with to reshape the culture of UCLA football into one that leads to greater results and success.

“I’m deeply honored to be endorsed by the two coaches who worked diligently with me to better our players and the UCLA team, both on and off the field,”said Justin Fareed. “While in office, I will work to transform the culture in Congress into one that places the voices of the people above those of the establishment and strengthens our nation for generations to come.”