“It’s Necessary That We Have A Local Voice That Can Make A Difference For Us In Washington.” 

ICYMI: Fareed On OANN’s The Daily Ledger: “We’re Here To Disrupt [The Status Quo] And Improve The Direction We’re Heading In.”

August 26, 2016

This week, congressional candidate Justin Fareed joined Graham Ledger onOne America News Network to discuss updates on his campaign for California’s 24th Congressional District, why he’s running, voters’ frustrations with status quo politicians and how he will bring true representation for the people of the Central Coast to Washington. In case you missed it, watch the full interview here.

“At The End Of The Day, We’re All Americans. I’ve Never Made This About Republicans Vs Democrats.” “It’s about status quo politics… we hear over and over again the same talking points without any sort of action, without any improvement in the direction that we’re heading in…”

Justin On Why He’s Running: “This Campaign [Is About] Leading A Directive That Will Improve The Lives Of Many Here On The Central Coast And The Future Of Our Country.”

“What I’ve been doing from the very beginning [of this mission] is building from the bottom up, the grassroots, meeting with people from all different backgrounds, whether it’s a fisherman or a farmer, a teacher or a student, working to build this campaign for the betterment of the future of the Central Coast and our country. [Our campaign has] developed a support base from Democrats to Conservatives and everything in between. We’re going up against a machine politician, and they’re going to make this their top priority to maintain it, to keep it blue. This campaign for me is leading a directive that will improve the lives of many here on the Central Coast and the future of our country.”

On Governing: “People Are Upset With What Isn’t Happening In Government, The Status Quo, And We’re Here To Disrupt That And Improve The Direction We’re Heading In.”

“We need to have a lean and efficient federal institution and government. We need to think of things from the bottom up and through the community. Government needs to be less intrusive, and it needs to be more effective in faithfully executing what they’ve said they are going to do, which is improve the lives of Americans. I think people are seeing [today] that they’re not getting any kind of return on their taxpayer dollars, and it’s frustrating. People are upset with what isn’t happening in government, the status quo, and we’re here to disrupt that and improve the direction we’re heading in.”

On Washington’s Inability To Fix Washington: “More Than Anything, You Have To Double Down On The People To Demand More, And That’s Why I Was Able To Beat The Frontrunner In This Primary. That’s Why We’re Leading In The Polls, Right Now…”

“We have to get Congress working again for the American people to reform the institution, to rein-in the overreach and the rules and regulations being issued by the executive branch and unelected bureaucrats. We need to get the country working again and that has to happen through Congress.”

On His Background: “My Background Fits The Demographics Of The Central Coast.”

“My family has been ranching here in California for three generations on my mother’s side. And my father is a U.S. Army veteran and a doctor, who when I was a kid used his medical expertise to invent and develop devices that help treat repetitive stress injuries. I grew up packing boxes, taking inventory, working different trade shows, and now I’m Vice President of that business. My background fits the demographics of the Central Coast.”