Fareed: “My Goal In All Of This Is Really To Bring A Local Voice From The Central Coast Back To Washington, D.C.”

Yesterday, Justin Fareed joined Meghan McCain on America Now – syndicated on KVEC 920 AM – where he discussed his campaign for California’s 24th Congressional District, how he plans to get Congress working again and the millennial vote unique to the Central Coast. In case you missed it, listen to the full interview here.

“What We’ve Seen Are Big Party Politics Where The People Who Are Losing Are The American People And The Future Of Our Country”

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Justin On Why He’s Running: “This System Today Is Really Kicking The Can Down The Road To The Next Generation And It’s Our Generation That’s Going To Be Inheriting That Dented Up Can” “If you look at Congress today, we don’t have adequate representation for the future of our country. Every single policy that’s being created today is going to have an affect on us here and now, but it’s going to have a more pronounced affect ten years from now, twenty years from now. And that’s us. That’s the next generation. So my goal in all of this is really to bring a local voice from the Central Coast back to Washington, DC. Growing up building a small business, being a third generation rancher in this area, it fits the background of this district. But one of the largest voting bases here on the Central Coast are between the ages of 18 and 34. That’s a voice that we don’t really have in Washington, DC except for a couple members of Congress who recently were elected to office. So, I’m passionate about bringing a voice for the future. That’s why I’m running.”

On Americans’ Frustrations With Politics: “If We Get Congress Working Again, We Can Then Begin To Tackle The Long-Range Issues That We Face As A Nation And As A People”
“We need to get Congress working again. The people’s voice has not really been represented well. And what we’ve seen are big party politics where the people who are losing are the American people and the future of our country…If we get Congress working again, we can then begin to tackle the long-range issues that we face as a nation and as a people… We really need to revitalize [Congress].”

On Getting Millennials Involved: “I Tell Them: Congress Is Not Working, But It Can Work. We Can Get This Functional Again.”
“If you don’t get involved in the government you have, you’re going to get the government you deserve. So, I think the political insiders really thrive on lack of turnout or lack of voter participation… So, I work to talk about the issues that are most important to the people I speak with and a lot of the millennials – they’re just frustrated. They don’t believe that their voice can be heard. And I tell them: Congress is not working, but it can work. We can get this functional again. We can begin to reduce the debt, ensure that wherever we’re spending taxpayer dollars is actually getting a return and they’re actually solving problems and it’s not just rhetoric… I was out at the UCSB campus and we talked about a number of different things. How to improve our education system, to how we reduce the debt, to how we get Congress working again, to who our favorite rapper is.”

On Socialism Versus Capitalism: “What Has Made The Greatest Impact On Society [Has] Never Come From A Government Bureaucracy. It Comes From Individuals, Communities And Organizations That Have Worked To Create Something That Didn’t Exist Before.”
“Here in California and the Silicon Valley, you have a lot of young people producing all of the innovation and ingenuity that’s coming in the tech industry. All of that is because of the ability to manifest the vision, or an idea, or a concept, which comes through capitalism. That’s the individual going out there and being a pioneer. That’s not socialism. I mean if you look through the course of our history. What has made the greatest impact on society [has] never come from a government bureaucracy. It comes from individuals, communities and organizations that have worked to create something that didn’t exist before.”

On The Number One Issue To Tackle In Congress: “My Goal Is To Get Congress Working Again. To Be Able To Be Fiscally Responsible With Taxpayer Dollars.” “We just passed a 1.2 trillion-dollar deficit spending bill. As you know, we have a congressional budget process that hasn’t been effective in the 42-year history. I think we’ve only passed a budget and appropriated funds on time once. We’ve got to get our budget and our spending under control. Otherwise, this is going to lead to a future of more debt, higher taxes, fewer jobs and a lower standard of living for our generation and future generations. I think with that, we can begin to lift up the individuals again and bring security for our nation in the long term. So my goal… is getting Congress working again and functional for the American people. And look for long-range solutions to the problems we face and have been facing for some time now.”