The recent disasters we’ve all endured have been devastating and are tragic to say the least.

I want you to know that I have and will continue to do all I can to be your voice, fighting on your behalf, forcing the matter to those in power.

Last week when water and mud inundated Montecito, taking loved ones and homes from us, I reached out to leaders all the way to The White House, encouraging them to focus efforts to help our community in a time of need.

Together, we spoke, and they listened, delivering additional federal public and personal assistance.

I want to make sure everyone has the most recent updates. Please see the Santa Barbara County website, particularly under “Important Topics and Documents.” Please spend some time reading through this and make sure your friends do as well.

You can keep track of the 101 (and alternate routes) with the California Department of Transportation website, or you can call the Caltrans Highway Information Network at (800) 427-7623.

The Local Assistance Center, located at Calvary Chapel (1 N. Calle Cesar Chavez) is open Monday through Friday 11AM—6:30PM and Saturdays 10AM—2PM.

Also, please be aware that much of our area remains under a boil water order. To learn which areas are still affected, CLICK HERE. To find out about your home, CLICK HERE.

Finally, you can find more information about FEMA and disaster assistance HERE.

This has been a difficult process that we’ve endured over the weeks, and we are not through all of it yet.

I am confident, however, we can get through this together. We’ll pray, we’ll clean up and, yes, we’ll grieve—but we will do it together.

We will persevere through all of this and become a stronger community and state.

Be safe and be strong. Let’s continue to help each other through this.