Crime & Safety

Justin is a fighter for our families and children. He believes it is vital that we uphold the rule of law. We’ve seen what happens when politicians fail to support law enforcement. We need a leader in Washington who will back the badge and fight for reduced crime within our neighborhoodsa representative committed to giving peacekeepers the tools they need to keep our streets safe.

We’re lucky to have one of the nation’s only cyber training complexes right here at Cal Poly. The California Cyber Training Complex educates the next generation cyber workforce by allowing students to explore new cyber technologies and test various tactics alongside law enforcement. Justin fully supports innovative programs like this to help our law enforcement officers fight crime and maintain a safe environment for this and future generations.

Innovative thinking and his commitment to supporting the thin blue line has earned Justin the endorsement of the Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Justin knows that supporting those who protect and serve is the right thing to do.