September 11, 2015

Congressional Candidate Justin Fareed on the Safety and Security of America

Santa Barbara, CA – Today, Americans all around the world will take a moment to reflect on the tragic events of September 11, 2001. It is important to understand and study history so that it never happens again.

“America will never forget the egregious act of terrorism on 9/11, the victims, the first heroic responders, and their precious families. To those who choose to threaten our freedom, our lives, and our country, remember that Americans are never stronger than when we face adversity.”

Current international tensions have created a powder-keg situation that is ready to ignite. President Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal, a blatant misuse of his executive power, only adds further instability to the Middle East. The Syrian refugee crisis is washing onto the shores of Europe because ISIS continues to wreak havoc and remains substantially undeterred.  

The safety and security of American citizens within our borders and throughout the world needs to be a top priority. From Americans being murdered in Benghazi in 2012, to ISIS gaining a stronghold in the Middle East, to the misguided Iran Nuclear Deal, the Obama Administration has shown an inability to serve and protect.

Protecting our borders begins with eliminating threats to freedom. ISIS has been unchecked and has become a notable power as they continue to carry out terrorist attacks around the world. Furthermore, the Obama Administration has overlooked the consensus of the American people and has provided Iran a key to become a nuclear state. Terrorism and other existential threats are not just America’s problem.  Egregious acts should be handled in large part through the collaborative process of the international community. It has never  been more evident that America must remain strong and confident in its ability to protect its citizens and those who seek our help worldwide.

“Freedom is a privilege taken for granted every day in our great nation. It is important to remember all those who have lost their lives protecting this freedom throughout the world. It is imperative that we continue to work with the international community to eliminate terrorism and to protect and defend prosperity and peace throughout the world.”