Wednesday, June 13, 2018

We stand united in our desire to win back the Central Coast in November. Elections have consequences—we’ve heard that time and time again. In 2016, Salud Carbajal won–in part by delivering voters of the Central Coast a “bi-partisan” bag of goods. As a consequence of his tall tale and win, we have a representative that has voted with Nancy Pelosi more than 9 out of 10 times. He’s been nothing more than a clone of Nancy Pelosi and that’s not why the people of the Central Coast sent him to Washington.

We deserve a voice in Washington that will represent all of our voices, a representative that will put people over politics and deliver results, not rhetoric. We all agree that sharing the hard truth about Mr. Carbajal’s record must be done. Voters need to know that Salud’s dishonesty, hypocrisy, ineffective “leadership” in Washington and partisan voting record has brought zero solutions to the table for Central Coast families.

Let’s highlight a few facts: last year, Nancy Pelosi instructed democrats to vote against disaster relief funding. Heeding the orders of Pelosi, Carbajal gambled with disaster relief funding as the Thomas Fire raged in our backyards. He voted against bringing disaster relief funding to the floor because the bill didn’t propose a fix to DACA—an issue of no relation to natural disasters. What’s more, Carbajal supported the Gas Tax and has opposed measures to help our small businesses, our local labor force, and our farmers & ranchers. The list goes on and on.

There are those who would like to ignore the finer points of this election and, as such it doesn’t seem to get much attention in our Sunday morning papers. What should be above the fold is how Carbajal has sold us out and how he would do anything to keep his job. He personally has a negative net-worth of -$263,000 and needs this job as a result of personal irresponsibility and poor financial management—racking up three federal tax liens. Somehow, Mr. Carbajal has been allowed to sit on the Budget Committee in the House and present a “fix” to the soaring $21 trillion Federal Debt and lecture folks about personal responsibility? This seems peculiar at best, but certainly something that should be news-worthy.

Here’s the gist, we know that what’s important to Central Coast families isn’t going to make headlines—what matters to us doesn’t fit the Pelosi-Carbajal narrative. They know that if voters were told the whole truth about what a reckless, flip-flopping obstructionist Salud is, they would lose the seat and Nancy Pelosi would lose her shot at the Speaker’s gavel.

We have to come together to mount a vigorous campaign to enlist people who care about the direction of the Central Coast and our country. We have to get our message to voters. The issues that matter most here at home aren’t necessarily Republican or Democrat issues. They are the issues that mean food on the table, the cost of a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk. They are the issues that force folks to sacrifice more in order to afford a tank of gas to get to work. They are the issues, like daunting taxes, jobs, immigration and the safety of our city streets, that leave families wanting to leave our shores for other states.

Our neighbors need to know the truth. We need to enlist their help take back our community, spread the word and get others out to vote in November. Make no bones about it, Salud is vulnerable. Especially if you’re fired up! The one thing he fears the most is an angry electorate. With the Gas Tax that he supported, votes gambling with disaster relief, votes against wildfire prevention, votes with Nancy Pelosi, time after time, and votes to stand in the way of progress for a better future, it’s a wonder people aren’t fired up to vote him out.

It’s been said that you may not take an interest in politics, but it takes an interest in you. That’s right. If we don’t spread the word and we don’t take part in the process, they win. When they win, they reach into our pockets and take food out of the mouths of our children. When they win, the commute to work costs you more than just time with your family—it costs real dollars and tangible cents. When they win, Nancy Pelosi gets another vote in the House and we get more tall tales of “bi-partisanship” from a career politician who is desperate to keep a job to afford his elitist, party-insider lifestyle.

The choice is ours in November. Do we want more of the same, or do we want a new generation of leadership? As Andy Caldwell asked, “how passionate are you?” As Justin Fareed puts it, “Let’s be the change our community and country need by being passionate leaders in our daily lives.” We hope that you’ll join us, by fighting every day, from now until November 6th.”  We must get the word out. We must get the vote out. Together, we will win!

//signed//                             //signed//
Andy Caldwell                     Justin Fareed


This letter is a joint communication between Andy Caldwell and Justin Fareed for Congress. It is intended to reflect the views of Justin Fareed for Congress and Mr. Caldwell’s valued opinion as a respected leader in our community. This message does not constitute an endorsement by COLAB.