“Carbajal’s affiliation with those accused of violence against women is alarming.”

October 15, 2018

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SANTA BARBARA, CA — Salud Carbajal has gone to great lengths to tout his supposed leadership on women’s issues but, once again, his words are empty rhetoric. Once again, he’s taken money from someone who’s accused of violence against women.

According to police reports, Rep. Jared Polis shoved a female employee back into the office when she was attempting to quit, then pushed her into a file cabinet, resulting in bruises to her arms and thighs. He twice hung up the phone when she tried to call 911, and she finally reached law enforcement on the third try.

Polis was one of the first donors to Carbajal’s re-election campaign, personally contributing $2,500 on March 28, 2017.

“Salud Carbajal’s affiliation with those accused of violence against women is alarming, and his silence on crimes against women is deafening. If Mr. Carbajal is serious about putting a stop to violence against women, he should immediately return the money taken from not only Polis, but also from Tony Cardenas,” Fareed commented. “Mr. Carbajal, put your money where your mouth is. Don’t accept money from those accused of violence against women.”


Justin Fareed is a candidate for California’s 24th Congressional District. He is President of a local small business, Pro Band Sports Industries, and a third-generation cattle rancher. Justin is a graduate of UCLA and has worked for a senior member of Congress; handling various matters pertaining to foreign relations, small business, agriculture, drafting and coordinating the movement of legislation, and building bi-partisan consensus on Capitol Hill.